Interesting Image

Massaro House floor plan

Frank Lloyd Wright

Massaro House: Floor Plan

Approximately 1996 (I could not find an exact date)

The image that I choose that I find interesting is the floor plan for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Massaro House. One of the main reasons why I love this piece, as well as all of his pieces, is the line work in the design. I personally love how all the lines look together and how some are thicker and darker than others. Another reason why I love the line work in this photo is the contrast between the very straight and precise lines of the house and the curved, smooth lines of the topography lines of the island that the house was built on. One final reason for why I choose this photo is because I live in the town where the house was built and often times when you are driving around the lake you could catch a glimpse of it and it is truly beautiful to see.